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Elan Cotillion is a nonprofit, social program where members from the seventh through twelfth grade learn the art of social dance and etiquette. Jan King and Jane Whitlow formed Elan Cotillion in January 1997 with a mission to provide youth an opportunity to learn social skills, etiquette, and manners in an atmosphere of cooperation and friendliness.

These skills are emphasized through dance and party etiquette sessions.. Cotillion seeks to include a diverse group of students from different schools and backgrounds. Membership in the organization is sponsorship-based and exceeds 1,000 students.

Dance and etiquette sessions given in the 7th and 8th grades help to develop grace, poise and confidence. The sessions also promote positive self awareness, social interaction, and respect. Students in the Cotillion learn a wide-range of traditional and contemporary dances.

The Cotillion program motivates young people to conduct themselves in a manner suitable in social settings. An emphasis is placed on the qualities of being considerate to others, courteous, and understanding of good manners.

It is only through the generosity and support of our many parent volunteers that our Cotillion is successful. For this, we are extremely grateful. The Elan Board of Directors remain committed to working with the parent volunteers to provide a safe, positive social setting for their members